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Two Paths Diverged At A Cafe, And I…

June 13th, 2011 by admin

Winona is nervous. Marianne Swatch liked her talk. Marianne Swatch! And now, after a series of penetrating questions and how-do-you-like-where-you-are-now, Marianne Swatch has invited her for Coffee. “Stop by and meet the team, and then we’ll go for coffee and chat,” she said. Winona fudged a morning off of work for it. She’s so nervous that, after putting on her crispest suit, she throws up a little.
What’s her problem? This isn’t like her. What if it’s not nerves? But another change in her anatomy, finally making its presence known? She doesn’t have any pregnancy tests, and she won’t have time to get one before Coffee.
Reels against the wall. Two visions of her future unfold before her, both made manifest in friends she and Will visited last weekend…

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