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It’s Business Time

June 2nd, 2011 by admin

“So this is a women’s business group,” Wazzer murmurs, glancing around a repurposed conference room on The Terrace. “They do themselves well, don’t they?” She smooths down her skirt. Her platform boots don’t look too out of place.

“Movers and shakers. Mummy pulled a few strings so that I can talk to them about the TPPA. Thank you so much for coming,” says Winona, looking around beadily, nervous as a baby kiwi.

“Your mum invited me. I’ve got no idea why – ” Wazzer is cut off by someone tinging their two-centimetre manicure against a flute of Marlborough-produced “bubbly.”

“Soon we’re going to have our speaker, Winona Wellington, telling us all about “The Risks of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Is Free Trade Free?” Also, I’m ever so pleased to introduce two ladies joining us for the first time. Marianne Swatch, CEO of the International Trade Board, ” a stylish, full-figured brunette nods, then the announcer gestures at Wazzer – “and Waikomanawa Thompson, the owner of one of our favorite ‘local pubs’ on Cuba Street.”

Owner? Owner??? Wazzer flashes a frozen smile as she processes this, while everyone applauds her presence.

Winona, looking equally stunned, is swaying over to her data display. Wazzer grabs her arm and hisses, “You told everyone I own that bar!?”

“You’re Maori? And I have to talk in front of the ITB CEO?”

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