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May 31st, 2011 by admin

Will and Winona have been a little preoccupied lately.

After their engagement, Will escorted Winona to a GP consultation about fertility. The GP took one look at Will, hollow-eyed, weedy yet pudgy after too many late nights software programming, and lined him up for some tests. The results – well, Will’s not talking about them with anyone. But he’s changed from briefs to boxer shorts, and has taken up a new hobby: making organic smoothies.

Winona happily accompanies him to the markets on his organic fruit quests. It’s the perfect opportunity for her to indulge her latest obsession; battling the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. “I’m protecting our rights and jobs and medical care here in New Zealand! And I’m meeting the most interesting people. Ooooh, don’t get those blueberries, Will,  they’re imported from one of our major trade rivals.”

Later that evening, she and Will are both enjoying the fruits of their labors. After an overpriced glass blender roars away for five minutes, Will deems its contents sufficiently macerated. “Banana-coconut-feijoa!” He pours off a glass with a flourish. Then he ignores it and sculls the rest directly from the blender jug, for an extra manliness boost.

He’s lucky that Winona doesn’t see that. She’s tapping on her laptop, firing off the latest message. “Sign TPPA petition today – strength of NZ dollar proves we can go it on our own!”

“Aaaaaah. Antioxidants! Good as! Saved some for you!” He plunks the dewy, creamy glass next to Winona’s laptop.

She knows a metaphor when it’s offered to her. “Thank you, darling. You make the best smoothies.”  After a sip, she blinks. “Oh, that is nice. You should give the recipe to Wazzer for drinks for her place. I’m seeing her at Mum’s business group tomorrow night. I can’t believe they haven’t heard about the TPPA yet.”

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