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It’s about a city by the sea. Full of old families, bogans, migrants, and every would-be hipster in the lower North Island. Caressed by fine days, lashed by storms delivered express from Antarctica. Split into factions by its dividing geology. More Kiwi than Auckland but not as Kiwi as it used to be, which is awkward, because it’s the capital of New Zealand. Guarded by insular customs even as new students and new governments come and go. Tinged with film industry glamor, gleaming with government power, but not enough of either for those who come seeking it. Fueled by endless cups of coffee.

It’s a Wellington life. Perhaps it’s yours.


This blog is a series of fictional vignettes reflecting life in Wellington, New Zealand. There will also be occasional nonfiction posts about cool stuff and events, and posts by guest writers who aren’t The Lifer. You can read all the vignettes in chronological order from this page.

Why fiction? Partly because that’s what the voices in The Lifer’s head demanded. Partly because, as Virginia Woolf said, ” Facts have their importance—But that is where the biography comes to grief. The biographer cannot extract the atom. He gives us the husk. … let him write the life as fiction.”

Two of the header photos are courtesy of Ewen McNeill – many thanks!