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Their Home Away From Home

July 26th, 2011 1 Comment

At Wazzer’s pub on Cuba Street, Nigel, the owner/operator, is over the moon. Absolutely delirious. “We’re booked! One of the rugby teams booked for the Rugby World Cup! Yessss!” Cutlery clatters down, staff spill out of the kitchen. This is what every pub in New Zealand has hoped for – and it’s happening to them! […]

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Winona’s Weekend 2: Brunch And A Young Man’s Fancy

November 23rd, 2010 Comments Off on Winona’s Weekend 2: Brunch And A Young Man’s Fancy

Winona’s Saturday had all the components. A morning snuggle, a late start, peeping out at the weather, brunch. Brunch was the Ulrika-and-Wayland show. They were an appealing couple to look at, Ulrika’s pale and dark beauty lit up with love, Wayland all cheeky grin, crinkled eyes, and floppy hair. Everyone in the cafe was smiling […]

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Meeting Room Thirteen

August 25th, 2010 Comments Off on Meeting Room Thirteen

All up and down the Terrace and Featherston Street, there are cafes that have the luxury of closing all day Saturday and Sunday. Their free weekends are funded by being “Meeting Room 13.” When professionals in a central city office need to have a meeting, there’s a fifty-fifty chance that they’ll take off to a […]

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An Actual Conversation

June 11th, 2010 1 Comment

Willow and Winona meet up for lunch at one of the many unremarkable cafes on the Terrace. Willow is a little twitchy. She showed up in her usual winter Friday outfit, corduroys, a Polarfleece, a knitted hat, to find Winona crisply glam in a red trench coat, of all things. She’s been wondering for a […]

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Rites of Passage

May 7th, 2010 Comments Off on Rites of Passage

“I blew it,” Winona moans. “I could’ve prevaricated and spun them a load of – ” Winona glances at her sister Helena’s two children, sitting attentively with them at the café table. “A load of guff, but no, I couldn’t not explain.” Helena says, philosophically, “They can’t be mad at you for telling them the […]

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