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Their Home Away From Home

July 26th, 2011 by admin

At Wazzer’s pub on Cuba Street, Nigel, the owner/operator, is over the moon. Absolutely delirious. “We’re booked! One of the rugby teams booked for the Rugby World Cup! Yessss!”

Cutlery clatters down, staff spill out of the kitchen. This is what every pub in New Zealand has hoped for – and it’s happening to them!

“Who is it? Argentina? South Africa?”

“Oh, man, Argentinians are hot,” moans one of the waitrons.

“Nuh-uh! South Africans are way hotter!” retorts Wazzer.

Smugly, Nigel says, “You’re both wrong. Namibia!”

“Namibia?” Everyone blinks.

“They’ve reserved in case they make it to their quarterfinals! We need flags. Specials. A Namibiaburger! Whatever that is. I’ve got to go Google their cuisine.” Satisfied at everyone’s reactions, he swaggers into his office. Everyone else whips out their phones, does their own quick Googling, and starts swapping Namibia trivia. “Oooh, they’ve got meerkats!”

Of all the staff, the only one not enlivened by this tidbit is Rosie, who keeps her head down, making napkin/cutlery bundles.Wazzer drifts over. “Not a Cup fan?”

Rosie turns her clear blue gaze on her boss. “Wazzer. I need to ask. If I went to work somewhere else, would you give me a reference?”

“Of course, mate. You’ve been the best. I don’t have any problems. But you don’t look happy.”

With tender hopelessness, Rosie says, “I still…I just think it’s for the best...”

Wazzer looks around, then whispers, kindly, “Wanna work at the bar Argentina booked? I know the main night bartender there. Tell Perry I sent you.”

As soon as she whispers the name of the bar, Nigel brays, “Wazzer! I need you on wholesale! How’s this for a special: ostrich burgers!”

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