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The Great Cup Battle: Locals vs. Visitors

September 13th, 2011 Comments Off on The Great Cup Battle: Locals vs. Visitors

When Nigel decided that his bar would support Namibia in the Rugby World Cup, on the basis of a maybe-booking from the Namibian team, if they made the finals, there was staff grumbling and eye-rolling. Nigel, no fool, was well aware of it. And who’s laughing now? Despite the naysayers, the “it’ll never work,” the […]

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The Favourite

August 21st, 2010 Comments Off on The Favourite

Everyone has one: the Wellington restaurant they adore. Winona had become attached to a quirky brunch place near their flat. Instead of trying to cook in the galley kitchen on a chilly Sunday at 11 AM, it  was more pleasant to escape there. The place served dinner, too, and decent drinks. It was vegetarian-friendly and […]

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Rites of Passage

May 7th, 2010 Comments Off on Rites of Passage

“I blew it,” Winona moans. “I could’ve prevaricated and spun them a load of – ” Winona glances at her sister Helena’s two children, sitting attentively with them at the café table. “A load of guff, but no, I couldn’t not explain.” Helena says, philosophically, “They can’t be mad at you for telling them the […]

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My Welly Valentine

April 7th, 2010 Comments Off on My Welly Valentine

When Aucklanders get romantic, they seek out their local views. They want to show off to the significant other, as well as see and be seen. So Auckland canoodlers herd at the Viaduct Basin harbor, the bayside promenades that look out over Rangitoto, the parks on the edges of volcano hillsides. Romance is different in […]

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