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The Great Cup Battle: Locals vs. Visitors

September 13th, 2011 by admin

When Nigel decided that his bar would support Namibia in the Rugby World Cup, on the basis of a maybe-booking from the Namibian team, if they made the finals, there was staff grumbling and eye-rolling. Nigel, no fool, was well aware of it. And who’s laughing now?

Despite the naysayers, the “it’ll never work,” the punters came.  South African supporters decided Namibia was close enough and came in for their fish and chips, or for $22 pot pies. Hipsters who grudgingly got swept up in the Cup energy at the last minute decided that a bar on Cuba Street covered with Namibian flags was the outsider way to see the games. The ostrich burger didn’t pan out, but there’s no Namibians around to criticize the Groundnut Bird Burger he put on instead, or point out that it’s really lavished with half-decent sate sauce (peanuts are peanuts, he thinks). He’s even caught the staff playing with the cuddly toy meerkats on the bar.

His gloating over the accounting software is disrupted by his day manager, Wazzer. “Nige, a reminder, we’ve got an event booking this Saturday.”

“This Saturday? But…that’s a Cup night.”

“Retirement party. They booked for June, then they asked him to stay on a few more months, so they rebooked.”

Nigel calls up the details, unhappily. They booked before he “adjusted” the menu prices for the Cup. The beef and Guiness pot pie and the chicken filo wraps are now priced at $5 more – and they’re just the sort to complain about it. They’ll take a lot of staff, he knows the type, when he really just wants his staff to shove beer and chips at the punters. But the Cup is going away, and the museum and the government departments (Wazzer noted the connections) will be scheduling their Christmas parties soon. “Can you come in that night and take it, Wazz? Get them in and out?”

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