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The Favourite

August 21st, 2010 by the_lifer

Everyone has one: the Wellington restaurant they adore.

Winona had become attached to a quirky brunch place near their flat. Instead of trying to cook in the galley kitchen on a chilly Sunday at 11 AM, it  was more pleasant to escape there. The place served dinner, too, and decent drinks. It was vegetarian-friendly and also lots-of-beer-and-chips friendly, and she and Will were on first-name terms with several waiters and the owner.

And then, last night, she walked by and it was Closed For Renovations. Were they closing for good? Was there a new owner? Where had their Twitter feed gone? Nobody knew. It was odd timing, too, during the Wellington on a Plate restaurant week.

“Renovating ahead of tourist season,” is Will’s theory. Winona hopes so, though it gives her a pang to think of sharing the place with backpackers brandishing netbooks.

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