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Winona’s Weekend 2: Brunch And A Young Man’s Fancy

November 23rd, 2010 by the_lifer

Winona’s Saturday had all the components. A morning snuggle, a late start, peeping out at the weather, brunch.

Brunch was the Ulrika-and-Wayland show. They were an appealing couple to look at, Ulrika’s pale and dark beauty lit up with love, Wayland all cheeky grin, crinkled eyes, and floppy hair. Everyone in the cafe was smiling indulgently at these springtime lovers. Winona couldn’t look away as her rival went gaga over her troublesome, long-ago ex.

“So for Christmas we were thinking of going to Northland! Where was it? Kaitaia? You’ve got cousins there. They will lend us motorcycles and we can explore. Then maybe next year we go to Europe and we can meet my family.”

“Or they could visit us, y’know, show them around here. Take yer dad out fishing with a box of beer, like.”

Ulrika dimples. “Such a Kiwi ‘bloke’,” she coos. “I’m going to the loo!”

When she leaves, Wayland’s expression shutters. Eyes hooded, he asks Will, “You got a connection?”

Will’s neck turns red. “Gave it up ages ago, mate. You outgrow it, you know?”

Wayland shrugs. “No worries, mate, if you’re looking, give me a text, eh? I’m crashing at ‘Rika’s. Just for a bit, y’know. I’ll find a place proper after the holidays.”

As they left the cafe, Winona muttered, “I feel sick.”

“Me, too,” said Will, queasily. “I didn’t know they were living together. I mean, uh, must have been…that bacon?”

Something was too greasy.”

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