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Nappy Valley

June 14th, 2011 by admin

It just seemed to happen, sooner than anyone expected: the nice couple who bought that house in Karori, or Island Bay, or Petone, had a baby. They’ve named the infant Ada, or Austen, or after grandmum or grandpop – those 30s and 40s names are fashionable again now. Callers were welcome to meet the newborn over cupcakes last weekend.
The abode in Karori, or Island Bay, or Petone, was once furnished in a tastefully inexpensive way with prints and throws from craft fairs. It is now overwhelmed with baby impedimentia. The early-thirties mum was bushwhacked by how difficult childbirth was and how demanding the baby is. The slightly-older dad is amazed at how pleasant fatherhood is. And the baby is certainly a lady magnet. Their friends are all circling around, the childless ones uneasy and groping for conversation, the ones with children serene; these friends, once they recover, will now join their parental circles.
Soon the baby will be bundled up, like an infant burrito, and hauled around to friends’ houses and café gatherings for the next eight months. Both sides of the equation, childfree and not, are tolerant of the occasional baby wails. They all know that when a stroller becomes required, all this will come to a screeching halt.

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