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It Only Happened The Once

June 18th, 2010 by admin

Winona has taken to stopping by Wazzer’s bar on Friday evening after work. Will meets her there, more and more often trailed by some of his workmates, who like the hipness-by-proxy of a place where they “know” a bartender.

With all the part-time staff not at her office on Friday, and her bosses distracted by the World Cup, Winona has skived off early. So it’s just her and Wazzer for the moment. “Is it working out OK with Willow?”

“Oh, yeah, box of birds.  Except  when I brought a guy home on Wednesday and they ran into each other in the bathroom the next morning.”

Winona squirms. This is as delicious and guilt-inducing as a double serving of pork belly. “Was she mad?”

“Nothing going. Just surprised. Partly that this tattooed bloke was there flossing, but mostly ‘cause she thought I was a lesbian. Which is pretty funny because, first time I met her, I thought she was a lesbian.”

Winona thinks of all Willow’s dating difficulties. “Isn’t it supposed to be much easier if you’re a lesbian?”

“Wouldn’t know, mate. Anyhow, it’s not just her, happens all the time.” She shrugs her tattooed shoulders, sighing as her generous heavy-gauge ear jewelry catches the light.  “I make out with one girl one night at a party in Wainui and the next thing I know I’m That Lesbian Bartender.”

Giggling, Win asks, “But you’ve got a boyfriend?”

“No, he’s just a shag. One of those Euro guys who comes down here on vacation and arrives in midwinter and is all “fuck!” What’s with all those Germans? But, listen, Willow.” She leans over the bar, sheltering her own chewy gossip morsel. “You’re her friend, right?”

“Definitely. Is she OK?”

“Well, we talked about guys last night after the whole thing. Do you know she went out with Wayland last year?”

Winona’s response to this is technically banned in New Zealand, which is supposed to be nuclear-free.

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