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Last Woman Standing

October 14th, 2011 by admin

Finding out that Ulrika is no longer single makes Wazzer pause as she inspects glasses hot from the work dishwasher. Spring, love seems to be in the Wellington air, and … is she the only single woman left?  And is she “single” if Otto is sending her porn Tumblr links while Piet has invited her to visit Cape Town?

Perhaps this coupled-up thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Wazzer has noticed an uptick in friends wanting to hear about her adventures.  Winona came by for lunch that day (“being pregnant, I can eat chips, it’s marvellous!”), showed off her edgy engagement ring from Will (“it’s a conflict-free Australian diamond in a rose cut”) and grilled her about Piet.

Idly stroking her ring, Winona looks mistily into the distance. “I sort of envy you! All the adventures you’re having! So I guess you’ll be wanting to rent our flat, then? It can be your swinging bachelorette pad. “

Wazzer focuses like a laser. “Yeah, mate. Yes, I do.  What’s the plan?”

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