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How’s Rosie? Ask Our Guest Writer This Week!

August 29th, 2011 by admin

Wazzer’s leaving work in the evening when a familiar Justin Bieber haircut goes by. “Rosie! Hey, Rosie!”

Rosie jumps as Wazzer runs out into Cuba Street and grabs her arm. “Hey, how’s it going? Did they take you on over there at Perry’s? They called us…”

“Oh! They did, yes! Perry’s just amazing. Thank you so much!”

“Good, good.” Wazzer can’t resist asking, “What’s it like over there?” She’s heard the stories, some of which are surely too outrageous to be true, even by hospitality work standards.

But Rosie is still on the quiet side. “Oh, it’s…good. It gets crowded.”

“Beats the alternative. Hey, wanna grab a bite or something on Monday night?”

Rosie blushes. “I’m already – that is – some of us are going over to Perry’s for pizza. Monday.”

“S’cool, mate. Maybe another time.” With a wise nod, she lets Rosie dash on to work. If Rosie has any taste in women at all, she is, Wazzer bets, beyond crushed out on Perry right now…

This week here at It’s A Wellington Life, we are going to have three posts by a fantastic guest writer, Rhiannon Davies. Get ready for another kind of Wellington story, rollicking, merciless, and with teacups like you’ve never seen before.

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