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Her Vote

October 6th, 2010 by the_lifer

You were going to vote in the local council elections. You really meant to. New mayor, and all. As you came through the door, the fat envelope was on the doorstep, full of the absurd candidate profiles and the precious ballot. Then your mobile rang, or you were really hungry for the takeaway in your hands, or you started thinking about seeing your ex who you were nearly over draping himself around a stunning woman. And you forgot to complete the twentieth-century act of mailing an envelope.

Then it’s the 7th and you never did vote. Rugby jackboots flatten Wellington beneath their heedless tourist feet, rates and health care go through the roof, Cuba Street is sold to Westfield Malls, and it is ALL YOUR FAULT because you didn’t vote.

With this dire scenario in mind, Willow is scrabbling through her mail pile, looking for her ballot. “Wazzer?” she asks her flatmate. “Did you see the voting ballots in the mail?”

“Yeah, mate, I put ’em with the other house mail.” Wazzer points to a tidy stack of bills.

Willow blushes. “Oh! Thanks! I’m sorry…if I didn’t have my head attached I’d forget it…I’ve just been so…”

Wazzer listens, patiently, as Willow spills her tale of woe, about seeing her malicious ex with his hooks in another woman.

“I only know her a little because I saw her at Win’s party. D’you think I should warn her? He was so dire.” She blinks her blue eyes.

Wazzer taps her teeth, thinking. “Well. You could just let them go out. And see what happens.”

Willow pulls her ballot from the stack of bills and goes off to find a pen, brow crumpled.

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  • Thank you for reminding me to vote. I was in the same boat as Willow, except I probably would have completely missed the deadline if I hadn’t read this and immediately rifled through piled-up mail for my ballot. It doesn’t help that I received my California mail-in ballot at the same time. (I still haven’t sent in that one)