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September 9th, 2010 by the_lifer

Wellington has a soft spot for the Cantabrians who leave Christchurch for Wellington’s windy hills. Not given to flashy plumage themselves, Wellingtonians appreciate the low-key Cantabrian style, and have even adopted their genteel, crooning “Hello! Hellooooooo!” They fit seamlessly into government and private work alike, put down roots, and lived happily. Until last Sunday’s earthquake.

Now, talking to friends and family in their home town, looking at photos of tumbled storefronts and fractured streets, they are plucked by guilt, relief, and more guilt. Wellington friends pat them on the arm. “That was supposed to be our earthquake, up here. We thought we’d get The Big One first.”

Cantabrians are too polite to point out that there will be, inevitably, enough seismic activity to go around.

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