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Rusticated III: Seen At The Market

July 9th, 2010 by the_lifer

It is Saturday morning, time to entertain guests. Wilhelmina has taken Leona, her friend from Levin to Frank Kitts Market. A chatty stall holder switched off and lost interest when she mentioned being from Levin and remembering the stall holder from a market up there.  Wilhelmina has her back up about it.

Wilhelmina huffs, “I just think it’s absurd. Why shouldn’t your money spend the same as anyone else’s? I certainly shan’t spend my money with her after she was so rude. You said yourself half these stallholders are from up the coast  – oh, look, there’s my daughter. Win! WIIIIIN!”

Looking slightly embarrassed, Winona comes over, trailing Will and Owen. “Hullo, Mummy. We were just about to get Mexican food, the stall over there is famous for it.”

The older ladies goggle at Owen, with his waxed mustache, bowler hat, and utility kilt, while Winona dutifully says, “This is my mum and her friend, er…”

“Leona runs an orchard up in Levin,” Wilhelmina states. “And she brought us the most beautiful tea cake.”

Winona sighs in misty admiration. “Do you have a blog? I’d love to read your blog. ”

“We could get your recipes,” says Will.

Owen, being Owen, has to take it further. “I’d love to get your number! D’you like the South Island? Fancy being a farmer’s wife?”

Leona, pink and giggling, protests that she’s already married.

“Nonsense! Polyandry is the way of the future. Especially for accomplished ladies like yourself.”

Later on, mother and daughter will say of each other, “She was a bit stuffy, as usual, but she’d brought along the loveliest friend…”

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