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July 2nd, 2010 by the_lifer

Willow is in Auckland for work, just for a few days. Why are men in Auckland fawning all over her? Her Auckland friends complain just as much as she does about no good men, dismal dating, etc. Maybe it’s the recent influx of South American immigrants that she’s heard about?

Not having a mirror in front of her when she walks, she is unaware that Auckland is kinder to her. Her hair, instead of being scraped back into a bun or braid against the weather, falls over her shoulders in feathery dark gold waves. Not bending over double against the wind feels refreshing, and her fit, light-footed saunter, developed trekking around Wellington’s hills, makes guys look twice. Most of all, the softer weather has her smiling.

As mystified as she is, she wishes her Wellington friends were there to witness it. Or that she wasn’t so busy, between meetings and “working lunches” and colleague dinners. Work does send her up to Auckland fairly regularly, and every time she plans to relax and do a little exploring. But it never seems to happen.

She could spend Saturday there, but Wellington weekends are always so packed.  She could go shopping, but the clothes downtown are mostly the same as the Wellington stores,  and chic Newmarket overwhelms her. Besides, she thinks, Wellington is so lively that even a nerd girl like herself has two party invitations this weekend. Next time she’s up in Auckland she’ll stay a bit longer and do…something. Oh, no, wait, it’ll be the middle of the Film Festival and she’ll want to be back. The time after, then. Maybe.

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