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If a budget falls in the forest and nobody spends it…

June 30th, 2010 by the_lifer

News flash – government spending is up. Way, way up. All the government departments are trying to spend their annual budgets before the financial end-of-year deadline of June 30th. Freelancers and contractors stick around town, despite the ghastly June weather. Between projects wrapping up “for the 30th” and shell games involving fungible advance invoicing, this is when they make their money.

Winona has spent the morning trying to shed the budget for her area of The Department of Stodge, managerially neglected for five months earlier this year.

“D’you need a Creative Suite software update, Frankie? Ergonomic keyboard? Jen, how about you?”

“If we’re trying to spend all our money, can you take us out to lunch?” asks Jen.

“Ooooh, yes. I need my perspectives broadened to be able to communicate well with our changing¬† society. Butter chicken is a powerful multi-cultural experience,” says Frankie.

Winona checks a spreadsheet. “Only if the butter chicken’s in Mumbai. The entertainment budget’s gone, but the travel money’s nearly untouched. And it just goes away as if it didn’t exist after tomorrow.”

Scouring the Web to find ways to spend this odd surplus, Winona feels twinges of guilt. This is so ridiculous. I wish there was a way we could send this money to a food bank or something. Oooh, look, there’s a WordPress camp in Auckland! She quickly tots up a “continuing education” request for herself.

Meanwhile,¬† Jen is moaning hungrily, “Did you have to mention butter chicken?”

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