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Not A Jolly Holiday

June 7th, 2010 by admin

Wazzer is bracing herself for tonight. Queen’s Birthday. A public holiday. The bar where she’s the night manager is open, levying a 15% surcharge. The slightly plumper paycheck she will receive does not compensate for the resulting annoyance. Customers will be few and crabby. Tips, in short supply at this time of year without tourists, will evaporate. Wazzer will personally witness several groups walking up to the door, seeing the surcharge sign, and turning away. The staff, who have to deal with this, can’t afford not to work. If she wants to save money, she can’t afford not to, either.

A badly-timed argument with one of her former flatmates meant that, when Willow asked if she was interested in renting a spare room, Wazzer said yes. Now, for the sake of a quiet, stable living situation for a while, she is no longer the chief tenant/queen bee of an alternative family. Willow has turned out to be an ideal flatmate, but as the landlady, she turns out to be reinforced with rebar.  There’s no room for negotiation about house rules that Wazzer thinks are daffy (Don’t Let The Cat Out, No Non-Recycled Paper Goods, Don’t Heat Food In Plastic Containers).

Willow’s one shyness as a first-time landlady was undercharging rent.  Wazzer is keeping the cat inside, dumping leftovers into china bowls, and is feeding more cash to her savings account.

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