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Any Way The Wind Blows

May 28th, 2010 by admin

What has Will been up to, anyway?

At work, he has been accepted into the tribe. He goes around with colleagues to lunches, drinks, software user groups, and the occasional sporting match. A great mob of them always go out for curry on Wednesday. The rest of the week, three or four of them tend to have lunch together, two expat Brits, Will, and Ulrika.

Will’s half-articulated ambivalence about leaving Europe subsides in their presence. When it’s just the blokes, they mostly talk football. Ulrika changes that to mostly talking Wellington.

Ulrika, too, is a European expat, from Switzerland originally. Her opinion about Wellington veers. On a good day: “I could never have my hair like this there, and be a professional. Unheard of! And to buy a farm, like so many do here, just impossible. The film community, it is so vibrant.” On a bad day: “I used to wonder why everyone here dressed so terrible, until I had to put up with this weather. Filthy, they would call it, in England.”

Today, Ulrika has spent ten minutes over sushi giving the weather a good tongue-lashing. Will waits until he can get a word in edgewise. Then, he says, “Hey, Win and I are having a party this weekend. She’s got a job and wants to celebrate. You can come if you like.”

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