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It’s About Time

May 19th, 2010 by the_lifer

Winona has received a job offer from the Department of Stodge. She is not surprised.

Twenty years ago, an offer like this would have meant a job for life.  Everyone knows that it isn’t, anymore. But the employee selection system around it is still constructed as if this had not changed. Winona has been through every kind of test but DNA analysis.

Will comes home to find her poring over the offer paperwork. “Are you utterly sure  you want to work there?” is soon followed by “They’re offering you HOW much?”

Winona names the satisfactory sum again. “And I’d be managing two staff. And it’s a permanent position.” In contractor-heavy Wellington, this stands for something.

The Department of Stodge has taken long enough that someone else is also expressing interest in having Winona work for them. However, they, too, want to analyze her at a molecular level – and the position is only a year’s fixed term covering somebody else’s maternity leave.

As they talk over her taking the job, Winona tells Will all the details of that, too, except the “maternity leave” aspect. She has her reasons.

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