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1 BR Avail., Hataitai, Share W/Prof F

May 17th, 2010 by admin

Meanwhile, far from the Flat of Legend, Willow’s been finding the mortgage a bit tight. Sitting down to balance her budget, she grits her teeth. She knew home owning would change her spending, but there were things she hadn’t anticipated. She shouldn’t have paid so much for that kitten. Or to have the peach-coloured tub and sink in the bathroom re-enamelled white. Or –

Anyhow, Willow is trying to find a flatmate.

When she mentions this to Winona, her friend says, “Well, how about Wazzer? She’s looking for a new place!” But Willow shakes her head. She is afraid that, comparing herself to the popular bartender all the time, she would feel even more painfully dorky than she does. She posts an ad on TradeMe, and another on Gumtree, and sits back.

There are several young Europeans, all fresh faces and floppy hair, who say they want to work in Wellington for a few months. None of them have jobs yet.

There is the toothy Auckland divorcee, attempting a fresh start in a new city, frighteningly hungry for “girl bonding” fueled by ample cocktails.

There are a few white-collar blokes, so perfectly late-30s that it is odd they don’t have a place of their own, so colorless that they’re sinister.

There are a few more people. They want to bring large, mature tomcats; or a waterbed; or to smoke in the courtyard.

Then there are all the ones who simply don’t turn up.

After gritting her teeth again well past the expected time of another no-show, Willow remembers how gently Wazzer handled her adored kitten, Cilla, on a recent visit. Could she handle it if Wazzer smoked in the courtyard?

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