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Celebrity Sighting

April 21st, 2010 by the_lifer

Winona is at a cafe and a celebrity comes in. Everyone ignores him. At least, it seems that no one is looking at him directly. Even the waitress sidles up to his table as if she is overcoming peripheral vision difficulties.

But a certain abbreviated murmuring goes around. Is that who I…you know…yes, I do believe so. People can’t complete these sentences without violating Wellington’s omerta about not gushing over celebrities.  Those who were about to leave ask for a biscotti, or more tea.

Fingers start flying. Everyone is texting,  even writing their little updates, from their cellphones straight to the Net. Bloggers start taking photographs of the food on their plates, of each other, of knives held up to tactfully reflect the famous visage three tables over – anything rather than point a camera directly.

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