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Wellington Men III: The Export

April 16th, 2010 by the_lifer

Will has started his new job, at a private software development juggernaut. Out for drinks with the new crew, he meets someone else who’s recently come to Wellington. Woodrow has a knot of people around him, enjoying his happy, shouty vibe. He can’t believe his luck. He’s down here on contract for Weta Digital, working for Peter Jackson! Dude!

Woodrow is another Wellington Cad, except he doesn’t know it.

He seems innocent enough. But lanky Yankee Woodrow breaks women’s hearts on a regular basis. After moving to New Zealand to work in Miramar, he started out dating women in his own mid-thirties bracket. Quickly, he became terrified by the Kiwi tendency to settle down and have kids without getting married. It wasn’t long before he realized his pulling power and switched to 25-year-old design graduates.

At first, these girls are all delighted to be romanced American-style, having dinners paid for, their hands held, being told how much nicer they are than the women in Los Angeles. Woodrow is engagingly verbal, talking endlessly about his life-changing trip to Vietnam, happily displaying his Celtic armband tattoo. But then he gets distracted and neglectful. His last girlfriend said it best. “I could compete with another woman. But not with Peter Jackson.”

After putting in hard time making Avatar effects happen, Woodrow has just been put on contract for The Hobbit. This makes him even more of a catch, while exacerbating the problem. He’s pretty sure he doesn’t want to stay in New Zealand after that, but it’s going to be a long contract, and he doesn’t want to put his life on hold, at the same time he’s not sure if he wants kids, and –

Despite his waffling, he really thinks he’s looking for Ms. Right. This makes him all the more heartbreaking.

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