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Wellington Men II: The Cad

April 14th, 2010 by admin

Set up in the new flat, there’s only so much online job hunting and waiting for the phone that Winona can stand. She fabricates errands. She is lingering through the New World Metro grocery store when she runs into an old acquaintance. In his rough, warm voice, he murmurs, “Choice to have you back. You haven’t changed a bit, Win. Will’s a lucky bloke. You’re job hunting? I’ve got some contacts. Here, have my card. We should do coffee sometime.”

Winona pockets the card politely, making a note that she’ll mention this to Will.  She recalls, from the tears of her smitten friends, that this man, Wayland, is a Wellington Cad.

The Wellington Cad (W.C.)  is as successful a predator as a weasel on a bird-reserve island. W.C.s have been known to have multiple women on a string at once, deceiving all of them; or, once a woman is hooked, exerting their charisma and ask for a small loan, a place to stay, a co-ownership of a business. Whatever passive-aggressive deceptions he deploys, the W.C. is too insidious to be a persecutable abuser. He never raises his hand or his voice to any of his conquests. But watch out for your credit cards, your sister, and your sanity.

Those who have suffered at a Wellington Cad’s indifferent hand wonder how he gets away with it. In Auckland, the secret of his success would be picking off women from different far-flung social circles. In Christchurch, with its small-town social tightness, he’d have lost his clients and had his car keyed in a year. Wellington is a little more loosely knit. It also has the most well-educated single women. Because of their shame at being so bright yet being treated so badly, they tend to hold their tongues, except to their best friends.

Trim, handsome Wayland cuts a swathe through the CBD’s many single women. He’s a graphic designer – W.C.s always have careers that sound good and provide an excellent cover for impecunious laziness. Once entangled with him, his would-be mates learn about his selective memory,financial fecklessness, and narcisissm.

Two hours later, Winona still hasn’t thrown his card away and is, against her better judgement, preening a bit.

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