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“Was That Me?” And Mark Your Calendars

June 17th, 2011 by admin

It happens to me occasionally: I get cornered at a party and someone says, “That was ME in your blog, wasn’t it? Tell me!” It was you…and somebody else, too. I see social phenomena a few times before I go, “There’s a story there.” I’ve met four Bohemian Couples and I visited Nappy Valley twice last week. (Both times, my mere presence set off baby sound effects – if your child is constipated, have me around and things will get moving right away).

Film Festival’s coming up, get your film pretension berets on! And Wellington on a Plate looks pretty stellar in August this year – there are going to be 50 burgers to try in the best burger competition. Walking home to Brooklyn never sounded better, eh?

August 25 – September 10 is the World of Wearable Art. This has a happy overlap with the Jewellery Show, September 9 – 11.

And that Rugby World Cup is from 11 September to 9 October. So now we know when to…what are we supposed to do about the Rugby World Cup? Besides kowtow to well-heeled rugby fans? Nine games, and adult ticket prices range from $66 to $491. I can’t make this up. So, IAWL’s rugby world cup recommendations are to: leave town, enter prostitution, or make the children stay in a tent in the yard so you can rent out their bedrooms.

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