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On The Rocks

May 19th, 2011 by admin

There was a nervy little gathering at Wazzer’s bar on Wednesday night. Wazzer’s had a tiring day, and she’d rather go home, but her landlady, Willow, is coming by. Wazzer had been ascribing the Friday-level crowds on a Wednesday to the sunshine outside. But it seems there was another reason behind all the white-collar eating and drinking.

“Make it a double, please, while I still have a public-service salary? The new national budget goes through tomorrow, and I’m certain that my head will be on the block,” says Winona.

“We’re all nervous at my Department, too,” says Willow.

“Yeah, but you do, like, actual science. With dirt. They’ll never fire you,” says Wayne. “Either contracting work is going to dry up, with all the “austerity” they’re talking about. Or they’re going to fire everyone and realize the work still needs to be done anyway, so contracting will boom. Bloody wish I knew which one it’ll be.”

Will shrugs. “In theory, my company is trying to sell IT to the government. It’s all too cutting-edge for them and they keep freezing in place. We’re relying more on overseas clients.”

“So drinks are on you, then?” Strained laughter, all around.

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