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Engagement Party History

March 16th, 2011 by the_lifer

At Winona and Will’s engagement party, the previous generation is holding up the bar.

“I don’t know about his having a party in a bar. Not the same as when I had mine at the Pines – that was a ballroom, then. Win could have had it at our house, like Helena did,” her stately mother, Wilhelmina, grumps. The awfully nice bearded older man she’s talking to looks familiar, but she can’t place him. “Where did you say your house was?”

“Te Aro. A lovely old villa, I’ve filled it with flatmates to pay the mortgage and keep me young. I used to live in the suburbs. Dreadful, nobody came to visit. I feel for young people today, it’s so hard to get a place in town.” He turns to Kev Kapiti. “How’ve you been keeping, mate?”

Largeman and Henry Hutt are nose to nose, roaring about Winona. “No idea she was your sister in law, eh? Bloody good at all this 21st century guff. Department twitter feed! Never heard of such nonsense in my life. Suppose we’ve got to have it, though.”

Will, off duty from welcoming guests, accepts a beer from his mate of many years, Wayne. “How’s being engaged?”

“Bloody brilliant. Should’ve done it years ago. Haven’t had to pay for a drink in weeks.”

“That’s ‘cause you pay for everybody’s drinks at the wedding,” Wayne observes.

Most of the younger women, meanwhile, are clustered around a sofa in the back. Will’s frail, twinkly Nan has been deposited there. “When I got married,” she creaks, “I made my own wedding dress. And cake.”  The girls sigh in admiration at this apotheosis of vintage craftiness.

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