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IAWL Doesn’t Like….Housing Anxiety All Around

March 7th, 2011 by the_lifer

Usually we keep it positive in editorial entries here (empanadas at the City Market this weekend!) but we are all worked up about housing this week.

A piece in the NZ Herald talks about flat hunting in Auckland but this tale of woe – the 5-month search, the desperate grooming to look like a presentable tenant – is familiar to anyone who has hunted during the tight season in Wellington, too. The comment thread is a perfect capsule of the the unhelpful conversations flat searchers have to put up with, which twist the knife and salt the wound when you’re on the hunt (you think this is bad, try Sydney! why don’t you try different suburbs? oh, you crazy students).

The list of Wellington’s officially quake-prone buildings has been exhumed and made public by thoughtful sites like this one. Lots of Facebook freak-outs ensued – business owners were even contemplating breaking leases.

And lastly, Christchurch residents are moving on out.. Word on the Wellington street is that lots of them are considering moving…here? “Wait a minute,” Wellingtonians say, “we just haven’t had our quake yet.” “That’s so,” the Cantabrians reply, “But you’re a big city that isn’t Auckland!”

I wish I had another one of those empanadas right now.

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