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Fun After All

April 5th, 2010 by admin

Getting the second round of drinks, Will mentioned to the bartender that he and Winona were freshly returned from London.

“London! Choice! I wanna go there just to see. The early closing for the bars sounds mad, eh? I wouldn’t go to work, I hear work’s shot there with the recession – izzat true? I’m Wazzer, mate,” she says, holding out her hand for a shake. She offers him a free shot if he’ll tell her about London.

Will beckons Winona up to the bar. Together, without the sugar-coating they’ve given it for family and potential employers, they spill about the good and bad of London town. Will’s long work hours and Winona’s recession redundancy, chavs and Sloanes, the ghastly, sodden winters, the way “your world just shrinks to your Tube stops.”

Soon Wazzer takes over, chatting a mile a minute over the clash of her heavy silver jewelry as she doles out beers and White Russians and orders around the junior staff.  “Everyone says I should go to Ozzie, make money working the mining towns, but I don’t want to get tanned to biltong. Besides, when you stick around this town, you get a name, folks know you, you work your way up, am I right?” Cast as the Greek chorus, Will and Winona agree. “I’m bogan as, I’ve tended bar from Russel to Wanaka, but I’m all about Wellywood, I like the culture, going out for the arts. I like to do something when I’m done.” Will, unusually for him, starts to tell her about his bogan best mate.

By the end of the evening, our travelers have remembered why they’ve moved back here, heard the stories behind all of Wazzer’s tattoos, and had a toast to the evening ending at 4 A.M. instead of at midnight. Winona and Wazzer swap cellphone numbers.

The next day, Winona isn’t sure that taking pole dancing classes with Wazzer is quite as good an idea as it seemed last night. But she sends Wazzer a friendly text anyway.

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