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Smells Right

February 2nd, 2011 by admin

By the time Winona returns to Wellington, a certain detente has been achieved. She had to quit ignoring her smart phone sometime. Karin sent her home soon after, saying, “If all you’re going to do is poke at the bloody phone…”

Three hours of post-holiday traffic and a stop for fish and chips at Paraparaumu later, she is standing in her own living room again. Oddly, the grey hoodie she let Karin lend her is a near match for the one Will is wearing. “You cleaned,” she says, looking around.

“Hey…you drove,” Will says, with a half-smile.

“How was your weekend?”

He shrugs. “Just hung out here. Everyone I wanted to spend time with was out of town.”

Winona blushes.

Looking out the window, he says, “You did a nice job of parking, but…why is there a different coloured door on one side of the car?”

“It’s for art’s sake.”

Will frowns. “Do I know him?”

Winona flings herself around him, nestling her face into his shoulder. The corner where his neck meets his collarbone smells right.  “I’ll have Karin introduce you.”

He rests his face against her hair. “That’s all right, then. Mmmm. What d’you say to some fish and chips?”

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