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But We Just Got Here

April 2nd, 2010 by the_lifer

The idea had been for Winona and Will take an evening off from being Returned Prodigal Daughter and Partner. They’d gone downtown with drinks in mind.  Packs of people were roaming around, also escaping, the party atmosphere turned up a notch by the transgression of patronizing businesses on A Public Holiday. When they’d run into an old friend right away, it should have been the opening to a rollicking evening. So typically Wellington! they declared. It’s so small! People you know everywhere! You go away and it hasn’t changed!

Their old friend agreed. They were absolutely right. “Which is why I’m moving to Australia next week!”

Twenty minutes after this encounter, Winona and Will are drinking, but in a more subdued fashion than they’d planned. Winona is biting her lips, stabbing into her cocktail with its stirrer. “Should we have gone to Australia instead? We go to all this trouble, and then…”

“Isn’t why he’s going away what we came back for?” Will shrugs. “Be the same there, eh? Grass is always greener on the other side. Provided you’re allowed to water the lawn.”

He adds, “I don’t have to accept the offer they made.”

“You said you’d let them know Tuesday.”

“I did. I dunno. Let’s give it the weekend, see if Wellington’s still, I dunno, fun. ‘Nother drink?”

Winona parts her lips, bites back a hundred rebuttals, sits up straight.  “Yes. Please.”

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