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That Guy She Knows

January 19th, 2011 by admin

“Is Wazzer here?” Winona croaks. She’s at the bar where, a month ago, she and Will and Ulrika were all hanging out, and where everything turned to custard. After fleeing her own flat, she realized that, in the middle of the day, she could call either her  mother or Wazzer. And she wasn’t at the point of calling her mother about finding Will and Ulrika tangled up – yet.

A creative route back to her office took her by Wazzer’s bar, where she hoped to find a moment of sanity and support. But no. The short, chunky barman told her that “Wazzer’s off in Auckland doing the Big Day Out with her flatmate.”

Winona blinked and focused. Oh, God, she knew this guy behind the bar. From somewhere. Around. She can’t dig his name out of her memory banks for the life of her. This happens all the time.

“My name’s Chester. I know your sister. We met that time when you met my flatmate Bo and you came over to my place for single malt and ginger cake.”

Her expression clears. “Oh! The lovely house!”

He smiles, emphasizing his dimples. “Aw, well, we do our best! Hey, listen, we’re having a barbecue tonight. To start the long weekend. Do you want to come by?”

She stands up straighter and takes out her mobile. “That sounds perfect. But I need to get your address properly.”

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