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Week of Legends 1: You Know What Would Be Good Right Now? A Curry And A Pint

January 1st, 2011 by admin

It’s going to be a lazy, hazy summer week here in Wellington. We’re at the part of “the Christmas break” when we’re free from the chains of Crimbo, when the New Year’s hangovers have faded, when we can really relax. Even if you’re back at work on the 5th, heh, we all know what that means.

So this week on IAWL, The Lifer has rounded up some legends for you – some of the stories going around town that will turn into our own urban legends in a few  years.

Legend The First has to be the two best Wellington mates who went out  for a curry…in London.

Allow The Lifer to explain.

These two blokes – let’s call them Johnno and Ramsey – were classic Kiwi best mates. Bachelors, flatmates, partners in crime. They were also high-octane computer programmers at one of Wellington’s IT contracting powerhouses. A July or two ago, they were feeling stir-crazy – July in Wellington does that to folks. They wanted to escape to Europe and feel the summer sun. Being Kiwis, their internal compass was set towards the English rain, and they started researching tickets to London. They had scads of frequent flyer points, they’d be traveling in style.

The only problem was that…they had no time. Each of them was being crunched by a separate IT project, spawned by a separate Gorgon of a government department. So the standard two weeks to two months tooling around Europe, a short stay by Kiwi standards, was out of the question.

Posterity does not record which one of them it was that said, “Y’know, mate, we could just go for the weekend.” But, lo, it was said. And it resonated with rightness in their coding-addled brains.

Two round-trip first-class tickets to London were promptly booked, departing on a Friday, returning on a Sunday. Johnno and Ramsey showed up for their flight with carry-on luggage and big smiles. They said “yes” every time a steward offered to bring them something, and turned the two flights into an extended party. Arriving in the U.K. at Heathrow, they had nine hours to experience the grandeur of Brittania. They sloped off into London, looked around, and had a curry and a pint each. Back at the airport in time for their flight, they started their festivities anew on the plane.

And they returned as shattered as if they had, indeed, been partying in London for two months.

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