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The Good Day

March 31st, 2010 by the_lifer

“You can’t beat Wellington on a good day.” And today is one of them.

Clear silvery sunshine beats down on the jackets everyone is wearing, just in case. The autumn freshness means they’re still comfortable. The harbor’s waters retain summer’s friendly turquoise, only a hint of darker cold currents in the deeper spots. Even the wind is resting in the unbroken sun, circulating as the lightest breeze.

All through downtown, the espresso machines haven’t stopped hissing since 7 A.M. Winona is perched on a metal chair by the waterfront, sipping a perfect latte. In an hour, she has a meeting with an employment agency. Will, meanwhile, is having a formal interview today (as formal as it’s going to get for the edgy IT group that’s been talking to him).

She is wondering how early to be for her meeting. Everyone’s fabricating reasons to schedule their meetings in cafes, followed by long lunch hours. The shops are pulsing, and the waterfront has turned into a passegiata. With a cool eye, she notes how much the waterfront has been groomed since she left, how many of the people ambling along the waterfront are pretty women, and what they are wearing. Privately, she sighs with relief. Her London clothes will carry her for a while. She hopes that the six-month gap in her work history will lose some of its stigma in transit.

The sun is still a gentle caress. The coffee, after all the indifferent British cups, isn’t just good, it’s right. Looking at the sparkling harbor, who wouldn’t want to live here? It’s going to get better, she thinks, it’s going to work out.

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