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O Hypno Tree

December 3rd, 2010 by the_lifer

Winona has had an excellent day. For once, she managed to get a Jewish holiday right, winning a real smile from a dry manager and a squealing hug from a labile American co-worker.  It’s a dazzling evening, and her friends are all around her. Her partner Will, sweet geeky Willow, Will’s best mate Wayne and his wife Henny, lugging their toddler. They are all lolling on the grass near the Telecom Tree as it flashes Christmas light patterns into their brains.

“It’s hypnotic, isn’t it?

“Mmmmm. It’s the Hypno-Tree. We will accept Telecom as our new corporate overlords…”

Some of the  tree-watchers in other groups, overhearing with giggles and dilated eyes, may have helped themselves to a little extra Christmas magic. Winona, however, eyes the light patterns sharply. “I’m still bothered after brunch last weekend. Wayland’s up to it again.”

Willow sits up, and a green flash from the tree catches her sickly expression.

The males murmur assent. “I’d like to talk to Ulrika,” Winona states, and their murmurs deepen into approving bloke grunts.

“Good way to handle it. Secret women’s business and all that,” says Wayne.

Everyone looks at him. “You’re not going Australian on us, are you, mate?” Will asks.

“I lived in Sydney for five years. I’m allowed.”

In quiet agreement, they let this slide and watch the dusk nestle down around the lights.

Finally, Will says, “I feel brainwashed enough, what about you?”

“Yeah, we need to get the littlie home.” Everyone stands, brushing off bits of lawn, blinking and squinting.

Light patterns still flickering across their retinas, one of them says, “D’you know, they actually have a decent data plan now?”

“You don’t say. I suppose I should check it out.”

Thanks to Rhiannon and Nicola for letting us borrow “The Hypno Tree!”

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