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Game On

October 18th, 2010 by the_lifer

After enthused reports, Will and Winona have ventured to the roller derby. Alas, this end of season game is tepid. Fan favorites are out with injuries, or working behind the scenes to give fresh skates a chance. One team has won two previous bouts, so this third one isn’t changing anything. Like many in the crowd, Will diverts himself by tapping away on his iPhone, posting to Twitter. In 140 pixels, anything roller-derby related sounds good. Winona crowdwatches, gratified at how the passers-by answer her questions wordlessly.

Are we too old for the roller derby? Still pretending to be 20something hipsters?

Evidently not. There’s quite a few silver heads in the crowd, and lots of 40somethings with the next generation of hipsters toddling beside them. Old and wise, they know that $13 for two hours of entertainment can’t be beat.

Did I overdress?

It’s impossible to overdress or to underdress for the derby. Girls in satin minidresses totter by, with a beer in each hand, followed by a lissom lovely holding a punnet of chips, as if they are all so naturally svelte that they can have all the carbs they want.

Is there anybody here I know?

Just as she is peering among the 2,000 packing the bleachers, the crowd begins to thin out. The final match has 10 minutes to go, and one team is receiving such a drubbing that dispirited fans are already  –

“Hey, Will, hey, Win, howzit going?” Wayland, descending from a higher seat, is on the step just behind them. Beside him, glowing like the new fuschia stripes in her sapphire hair, is Ulrika.

Seeing Winona’s sly ex with his arm around Will’s minxy workmate renders them speechless. Ulrika beams. “We did not see you or we would have asked you to join us.”

Wayland’s eyes slide away. “Yeah, defo. We’re going to a mates’ party, so catch you later.”

“We should do brunch soon! The four of us!” Ulrika chirps.

Is this good? Or awful?

Suddenly, the crowd roars as a little leopard-print clad skater eludes a pink satin juggernaut and takes the front. And for the final seconds, the game is everything is should be.

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