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The People’s Choice

September 27th, 2010 by the_lifer

Winona and Will went to City Market this morning and have just enjoyed the illusion of cooking. After unwrapping and plating their dinner, they are having a glass of wine, some cheese, and a discussion about the local body elections.

Their election paperwork is spread out on their retro coffee table. Who to vote for? It’s a fraught question, with the city poised on the edge of inconvenient, yet money-making, Rugby World Cup events of 2011.  Will has decided that meaningless “Elect Me! Here Are  My Name and Face! What Else Do You Need?” signs annoy him, so he has gone around town snapping camera phone pictures of them. He is going through them now, making up a list of who not to vote for.

Will and Winona both agree that the current mayor is out of touch with the Wellington zeitgeist. But Will has to admit, reluctantly, that her signs avoid the “What Else Do You Need?” pitfall with actual statements about her policy. She has also done a good job of nicking his favorite candidate’s strongest points. “But I’m going to vote for him instead, anyway. As a statement. She’s totally in the building industry’s pocket. Just look at all the new buildings that have gone up while we were away.”

Winona blushes. “Oh. I rather like the new buildings…still, d’you notice the big diamond necklace she wears in a lot of her photographs? What I don’t get are these District Health Board candidates. Why are we voting for them at all? We’re not doctors, or nurses, and neither are half of them. More wine?”

p.s. If you send The Lifer your “Elect Me! Here Are My Name and Face! You Need Know Nothing Of My Policy!” sign photos, I’ll post them.

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