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In a Buzzword Blizzard

August 27th, 2010 by admin

Frankie’s fired!

Nervberg, as the second in command at the Department of Stodge, has been delegated the dirty work of making several of the staff  “redundant.” The graphics design part-timer, Frankie, is one of them.  He explained it all to Winona, who manages Frankie, in a buzzword blizzard. Cost cutting – restructuring –  budgets – efficiencies – current business environment – when does Winona recommend breaking the news?

Winona doesn’t ask “Why not Jen, the other part-timer?” Jen’s loudness is in her favor. People are used to asking Jen for help as Keeper of the Sanctified Flash Drive. Winona would like to think that Nervberg’s social connection with Jen wasn’t involved in the decision, but she can’t be quite sure.

Frankie, in contrast, comes in, does her job, and leaves. Winona found Frankie easy to work with – a good foundation in her first role as a manager. Now, this low-flying worker with her subdued grey plumage, once well adapted to the tangled thickets of beuracracy, is losing her environment in the budget clear-cut.

Frankie is just about to leave for the day when Winona asks her to join them in the meeting room.  The deed is executed quickly, as is tactful. Then, it’s an hour-long visit to HR before Frankie returns to her desk, with an empty copier paper box under one arm, to start packing up. Resilient, stoic Frankie waves aside Winona’s apologetic murmurs. “No worries! The severance package was rather good – I do appreciate that. If I need a reference, I’ll get in touch with you through your sister.”

“My sister? Helena?”

“No, Karin. She’s just around the corner from me.”

“Wait – you know Karin?”

“For ages and ages! Ever since she’s been up the coast. So I’m sure I’ll see you around. Bye!” Frankie bustles off, her thumb flashing as she sends a fusillade of text messages, not looking back at Winona leaning nervlessly against a desk.

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