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Paradise Would Be A Parking Lot

August 16th, 2010 by admin

Will wants a car. His mates all wanted to know what he was looking for. “Personally, I’d like a 4 x4, at least a 3 liter. Manual, of course. I grew up with Holdens but I’m liking what some of the European makers are doing. That’s what I’d like. However, we’ll be parking it on a dowtown street. So any old banger, really.”

The “car fair” of yesteryear, where everyone brought their cars to a space downtown and haggled it out, is gone in Wellington. Will’s paradise would have been that parking lot of yore, conveniently downtown, full of used cars on Saturday, but it seems to have gone to the same Wellington landmark heaven as Wakefield Markets.

“So you’ll go on TradeMe, then?” Inevitably, yes. But Will finds this profoundly frustrating as TradeMe presents him with endless possible cars from outside of Wellington. Is it worth driving to Taupo in someone else’s car? What about taking the plane up to Auckland and buying there?

In the absence of a car fair, the next option is to go to one of the locations where car sellers park their cars, all in a row, with the information stuck to the car window with signs. Shelley Beach where Miramar meets Maupuia, Randall Street in Moera, the road between Tawa and Porirua right across from the Moore Wilson’s are some favorites.¬† He and Winona did spend a precious Saturday afternoon doing this, driven around by Woodrow. It didn’t go well. Winona was a trooper in the rain, but Will nearly got hit by another car checking out a likely vehicle on that Tawa road, and Woodrow got inspired to sell his Ford Fiesta and buy a used Jaguar instead.

The car happens the same way most things in Wellington happen: through word of mouth. Will hears of someone moving to their dream job in Zurich who is selling their car. Three days later, he is affixing the Residents’ Parking Permit to the inner windscreen of a VW that needs a bit of body work but has a sound engine. The body work can wait. It’s going to need¬† more after a few months on the streets of Mount Victoria. He hopes it’s not a lot more.

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