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Valley of the Bachelors

August 13th, 2010 by the_lifer

There are only three escapes from the Flat of Legend. Moving in with a very serious partner – going overseas – or, for males, taking up their post in The Valley of the Bachelors.

In Wellington, three features mark the abodes of men who choose to live alone after they turn thirty-five. Be they blokes or aesthetes, they will have decent parking, very large audio speakers, and a position at the top of a hill. Bachelors on a budget like the windswept cliffs of Maupuia or Wadestown. Those with funds like to perch on the awkward angles of Mount Victoria, or take a penthouse flat downtown. But wherever a road curves around the top of a hill, or pierces to the high end of a valley, sure enough, the last house on the street is the territory of a solo man. Perhaps they are hearkening back to the Kiwi warrior past with these hilltop pas.

Between the leather sofas and the guitar amps, you might find the reasons that they’re unattached in an area that has so many single women. An overflowing ashtray by the bed; too many photos of handsome younger days; disturbing art;  moldy shower walls ripped out and relined, as cheaply as possible, with black garden plastic.

Either there are no pets, or the place is a menagerie, with cats, dogs, and contraband ferrets.

Nervberg, one of Winona’s bosses, has returned to his bachelor aerie, a self-conscious late-70s townhouse with a few round windows. Its stylishness is deceptive. Nervberg received most of the furniture and art when his parents moved to a retirement villa. Putting his laptop case down on one of his waist-height speakers (four of them ring the living room), he takes out a sheaf of papers. Then he puts it down on a glass coffee table. It’s after sundown on Friday, after all.  But he’ll spend Sunday night reviewing the budget for the Department of Stodge, seeing where more cuts can be made.

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